Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are very small text files that are automatically downloaded to your computer when you browse websites like Most websites use cookies in some form or another. While you’re busy browsing, they work quietly behind the scenes – saving important information that makes viewing web pages easier for you.

For example, one cookie remembers the order in which you have viewed web pages. That way, when you hit the ‘Back’ button in your browser, it will return to each page in the right order. All of this helps to ensure that you have a satisfactory experience when you visit a website. Other cookies may be used to collect information about the people visiting their website which leads onto our next question.

Are our cookies safe?

Yes, the cookies we use on our website are perfectly safe. MAB do not use any cookies that collect any personal information about visitors to our website. We only use cookies that are essential to the navigation of our website and for ease of use for the visitor. These cookies are not harmful to your computer, they take up minimal space and they can be removed with just a few clicks.

Which cookies does MAB use?

MAB only use cookies that are classed as Strictly Necessary. Cookies classified as strictly necessary are required to ensure smooth operation of the website during your visit. They are designed to allow you to navigate around the website and to use its features. MAB uses two cookies for session management:

PHPSESSID This cookie is used to track your activity on our website, such as the pages that you visit in a session and which pages you use to access others as you move from page to page. This cookie will only remain on your computer for the duration of the current session and is deleted when your internet browser is closed.

DYNSRV This cookie is added by our load balancer to track which webserver to send the website user to. Its purpose is to improve the performance of the website. This is an essential cookie to the operation of the site that is always set by the load balancer and does not store any personal information. This cookie remains on your computer for the duration of the current session and is deleted when your internet browser is closed.

How can I remove cookies?

Most computers download cookies automatically, so if you’re happy with everything you’ve read, you do not need to do anything, simply carry on and feel free to browse and enjoy our website. However, if you are concerned about having cookies on your computer, deleting them is simple. You can also change your computer settings so that it won’t download any more cookies. You can find out how to manage your cookie settings by visiting the AboutCookies website.