Daily Life

How do I manage my home life?

Your local authority Social Services department will usually employ a specialist Rehabilitation Worker for visually impaired people, who can provide practical advice on managing at home, including advice on the best lighting for different situations, cooking and safely in the kitchen, managing your wardrobe and laundry and tips on dealing with household chores.

There is a wide range of specialist equipment and simple gadgets available to help you to carry out many day-to-day tasks, from pouring a hot drink to adjusting the cooker controls or telling the time.

A large range of equipment is available through the RNIB, who sell by mail order, from their website and through local organisations. You can view their stock of daily living aids and low vision equipment at MAB’s resource centres. See our Resource Centre page for more details. Cobalt Systems also have an online shop or can take orders by telephone.

At Middlesex Association for the Blind, we provide a Home Visiting Service to help people with some of the day-to-day challenges presented, such as reading the mail, making visits or shopping. We also provide befriending for those that are alone or feel lonely and want someone friendly and understanding to talk to. We can also carry out an assessment to see whether you might benefit from our other services. Contact us on 020 8423 5141, if you would like to talk to someone about our services.

Staying safe in the home

Deteriorating eyesight means that simple tasks, like reading the label on a food tin or making a cup of tea, become chores and sometimes dangerous ones.

If you can’t see the boiling water pouring from the kettle into your coffee mug, how will you know when to stop pouring? If you need to prepare food, can you use the kitchen scales or chop vegetables safely?

The MAB has a mobile resource centre that travels around the area covered by MAB to demonstrate equipment available for you in the home and to give you a chance to find out more information about what we do and the services available to you. We also have three Resource Centres located in Harrow, Enfield and Richmond, where you can get advice about equipment that will keep you safe in your home, whilst staying independent.

London Fire Brigade Home Safety Visits

The London Fire Brigade campaign targets vulnerable people in boroughs throughout London. Getting a smoke alarm, regularly testing and maintaining it, as well as planning your escape route in the event of a fire can dramatically decrease the risk of death or serious injury. That is why we recommend you contact the London Fire Brigade for a free home fire safety visit. They will fit a free smoke alarm where needed.

If you would like a visit or would like to arrange a free home fire safety visit on behalf of a member of your family or a friend please check with them first. Free home visits can be arranged by calling 0800 028 4428 or booking online through the London Fire Brigade website. Further information about Home Safety Visits can be found on their website.