Early Intervention

Currently only available to Hounslow residents, the Early Intervention Service offers an early assessment of people with a visual impairment to determine their support needs and identify if they would benefit from the help of a Rehabilitation Worker.

Early Intervention 1

Early Intervention 2

Early Intervention 3

When clients are newly diagnosed with a permanent visual impairment they will contacted by an Early Intervention Officer (within five working days of receiving a Certificate of Visual Impairment) to check if they would like to be registered with the borough and also have an assessment. If so the Early Intervention Officer (EIO) will visit the client at home to assess their needs. It is not necessary to register as blind or partially sighted to receive help from specialist workers for visually impaired people.

The assessment will examine the client’s mobility and ability to perform everyday tasks such as shopping, preparing food and hot drinks, personal care and leisure activities. If required, clients can be referred to other Social Services departments, such as Occupational Therapy or for any care needs.

The EIO can recommend and demonstrate daily living equipment such as clocks, watches, liquid level indicators, raised markings for appliances and other household gadgets. The Early Intervention Officer will also help with accessing benefits.

The rehabilitation worker can provide practical advice and training and organise additional services for the client based on their own specialist assessment of the client’s needs. The rehabilitation worker will advise on issues including improving lighting and low vision techniques, mobility and getting around, and the modification of their environment to improve accessibility. They can also teach guiding skills for colleagues and carers to assist in guiding the client. They may offer training covering mobility, daily living and communication skills (e.g. Braille, Moon, using telephones). They also offer support and advice for the parents of visually impaired children.

For further information, please contact our Head Office on 020 8423 5141.