What should I do about employment?

There are many opportunities available to you to either continue working in your current job or to re-train or perhaps make a career change. The most important thing is not to give up your present job without getting specialist advice, no matter how bleak things seem.

The Disability Employment Advisor at your local JobCentre Plus will be able to help you with finding a job, learning new skills, local disability friendly employers and grants and funding available to help you in returning to work. The Access to Work grant provides funding towards provision of a support worker or equipment or travel costs associated with working. Further information on returning to work is available on the UK Government website.

You may also benefit from contacting our Employment Service. This aims to help people with a visual impairment in getting back into work. Further information about this service can be found on the Employment Service page listed under Key Services on this website.

If you need to retrain to use a computer with the aid of either a screen magnifier or screen reader a number of organisations can provide training and support. Information on our own computer training service is available on the Training Services page of this website.