Footpath closure from Queensbury Station (update)

Following our previous announcement regarding TfL works leading to the closure of the footpath along Cumberland Road from Queensbury Station to Lowther Road, the footpath has now been reopened. The works will now recommence in January and last approximately four months.

We have also met with London Underground regarding the closure. They have said that they will organise these works with the express intention of keeping the footpath clear for us. There will be limited passage at the corner of Cumberland Road and Lowther Road but they will maintain a 1 metre-wide clear path along the pavement at this location to allow people to pass. The rest of the footpath should be clear of any additional obstruction. They have said that only time the pavement will be closed will be when they are receiving deliveries – scheduled to take place between 11am-3pm – and these will be supervised accordingly.

In spite of this, we would request that all visitors to MAB’s offices still notify the office in advance, so that we can arrange to escort you from Queensbury station.