The Rapid Response Counselling Service provides counselling and emotional support to those who are having difficulty coming to terms with or adapting to their sight loss. There is also a befriending element to the service to help reduce isolation. The service is operated by Raheel Razvi, who is a qualified counsellor and a BACP member.

Referrals may come from colleagues within the organisation, from local authorities, friends, relatives or through self-referrals.

On receiving a referral, Raheel will quickly make contact and arrange an initial visit based on the information received. The meeting allows the client to discuss what they consider to be their main difficulties and what they would like to gain from the service. Regular appointments can then be arranged accordingly, fortnightly or less frequently, according to individual needs.

People often find it helpful to talk through the difficulties they are experiencing, and the service includes counselling and befriending to allow people to express their feelings and to help overcome feelings of isolation and really feel heard and understood with what they are going through.

The service is available to clients for a maximum period of 12 months to 2 years and in some instances possibly longer. Clients receiving this service may also want to see a Support Worker or a Volunteer as a range of support is often necessary. Alternatively, counselling can also be accessed via Action on Sight Loss (020 7391 2022) or through a client’s GP.

For further information on our Rapid Response Counselling, please contact our Head Office on 020 8423 5141

What does the Rapid Response Counselling cost me?

Our Rapid Response Counselling service is free of charge! 

Any money we raise through our fundraising efforts is reinvested back into Middlesex Association for the Blind.

If you’d like to help support the work we do, please consider making a donation, setting up a direct debit or talk to us about leaving a legacy by visiting our donate page

Raheel, MAB's Rapid Response Counsellor is listening intently to a lady as she talks about her problems.
A close up shot of a hand reaching for a box of tissues