We are very grateful to all the people who have left us bequests in the past, and to those who are considering doing so in the future. Thank you from all of us at MAB.

Did you know?

 Once you have taken care of your loved ones, if you then leave a bequest to MAB in your Will:

  • You could reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax that your children, family or friends will need to pay after your passing.
  • Your gift will keep benefitting other visually impaired people, long after your death.
  • You can end up giving more as a bequest to charity in your will than you can possibly give in your lifetime.

What can you leave as a bequest to MAB?

You can choose to give any of the following:

  • The residue of your estate.
  • A set amount of money.
  • A percentage of your estate.
  • An item that we could sell.

How do I go about leaving a bequest to MAB?

If you don’t have a Will, you will need to draw one up. You can either draw up your own Will following the government guidelines found at www.gov.uk/make-will or you can contact a solicitor who will draw one up for a fee.

When you draw up your will you need to write in the document that you are leaving the residue of your estate or a set amount of money or a percentage of your estate or an item that can be sold, to MAB.

Can you as MAB put me in touch with a solicitor who could draw up my will?

Yes, we can.  Feel free to phone us on 020 8423 5141 if you would like us to put you in touch with a solicitor who can help you to draw up your will and to leave a bequest to MAB.

How do I leave a bequest to MAB if I already have a will?

If you already have a will, you could add a codicil, which is like an addendum. Your codicil will need to be signed by 2 witnesses and you need to keep it in the same place as your will. Click here to download a copy of a codicil for MAB.

I still have more questions and would like to speak to someone about this…

Feel free to phone us on 020 8423 5141