Outlook Magazine

Outlook magazine is the magazine for Middlesex Association for the Blind. The magazine is produced in text, braille and audio forms.

Outlook Print copy 1

Outlook CD

Outlook 2

Printed text and braille copies can be requested by contacting our Head Office on 020 8423 5141. The text version is also available in electronic form as a Word (.docx) document. To receive this by email, simply complete the Sign up to Outlook Magazine request found below.

The audio version of Outlook is currently produced in cd form and can be requested by contacting our office.

In addition to the above media, current and past versions of Outlook can be accessed in text and audio form by clicking on the links below.

TEXT DOCUMENT     Word document

AUDIO PLAYER     YouTube audio

Outlook Autumn 2019 text Outlook Autumn 2019 audio
Outlook Spring 2019 text Outlook Spring 2019 audio
Outlook Autumn 2018 text Outlook Autumn 2018 audio
Outlook Spring 2018 text Outlook Spring 2018 audio
Outlook Autumn 2017 text Outlook Autumn 2017 audio
Outlook Spring 2017 text Outlook Spring 2017 audio
Outlook Summer 2016 text Outlook Summer 2016 audio
Outlook Spring 2016 text Outlook Spring 2016 audio
Outlook Summer 2015 text Outlook Summer 2015 audio
Outlook Spring 2015 text Outlook Spring 2015 audio
Outlook Summer 2014 text Outlook Summer 2014 audio
Outlook Spring 2014 text Outlook Spring 2014 audio
Outlook Summer 2013 text Outlook Summer 2013 audio
Outlook Spring 2013 text Outlook Spring 2013 audio
Outlook Winter 2012 text Outlook Winter 2012 audio