Volunteer sat on a bench with a visually impaired person, both laughing.

At MAB, we deeply value the contributions of our volunteers who dedicate their time to support individuals with visual impairments. Our volunteers play a crucial role in enabling us to offer a wide range of support to our service users. However, we are always in need of more compassionate and committed individuals to join our team, especially for our Home Visiting Service.

As a volunteer, you can make a significant difference in the lives of people with sight loss by assisting them with various tasks, such as reading mail, helping with paperwork, or simply offering companionship. We also appreciate volunteers who can share their unique skills to enhance our services, such as providing IT training or supporting our service users in specific areas.

Noula, who is visually impaired, plays an important part in the organisation and smooth running of events within the Ealing region. She is a passionate supporter of the organisation as well as a wonderful volunteer, representing MAB at talks and events and visiting and phoning service users on our behalf.

MAB volunteer, Dianne, is working with a service user to complete editing, proof reading and publication of a set of short stories written by our client.

We believe that patience, empathy, friendliness, and enthusiasm are the most essential qualities in our volunteers. Our team is diverse, comprising individuals of all ages and cultural backgrounds, each bringing their unique experiences to the table. Whether you are retired, unemployed, or working full-time, we would be delighted to have you join our team if you can commit to at least one hour per week.

To equip our volunteers with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively support blind or visually impaired service users, we provide a half-day course on visual impairment awareness. This training will enable them to better understand the unique needs and challenges faced by those with sight loss.

For further details of how you can help and register to be a volunteer please contact our Head Office on 020 8423 5141 or click on the link below to download our Volunteer Application form.

Volunteer helping a visually impaired person with their paperwork.
A volunteer sitting on a sofa with a visually impaired person.
A smiling volunteer.
A smiling visually impaired person.