The IT service provides support and training for people with visual impairment in the boroughs in which we operate.  You may already have computer systems in place, and just need further support, or you may know nothing as yet about how to join the online world.  

You may want to learn how to use the talkback facilities on your mobile phone, or how to make use of AI apps for people with visual impairment. You may want to learn to touch type, to email, to search the internet, or to do online shopping or banking. You may have Alexa or Siri installed in your home, but not know how best to make use of this technology. If you don’t yet have a device, we can help you to choose whether a mobile phone, an iPad, a tablet or a computer will best suit your needs.

Whatever your need, we will strive to help you.

If you would like to make use of the service, please phone us on 020 8423 5141 and our IT trainer will phone you for an initial assessment.  Once he has a sense of how best to help you, he will visit you in your home to give you the training and support that you need.

The training is free of charge for people who have visual impairment, and on average we give people 3-4 lessons, although some people may need more or less.


The loss of sight can have a major impact on a person’s life, on their ability to carry out everyday tasks and to access information. Braille training is provided for all levels of ability. Our Braille classes are taught one to one at our Head Office in Stanmore.
Our Braille classes are taught to adults of all ages, young or old. if you’re interested in learning Standard English Braille, please contact our head office on 020 8423 5141 for further details. 

A woman learning to type on a Perkins Braille Machine
A close up shot of a ladies hands on a Perkins Braille machine
Maggie, MAB's Braille Trainer is guiding a woman sat beside her in reading a book written in Braille.
An MAB client, smiling as she reads a Braille book on her own, unassisted.

What does Braille training cost me?

Our Braille training is free of charge! 

Any money we raise through our fundraising efforts is reinvested back into Middlesex Association for the Blind.

If you’d like to help support the work we do, please consider making a donation, setting up a direct debit or talk to us about leaving a legacy by visiting our donate page