MAB's Employment Advisor John Monkhouse is in the background standing with a clipboard. 
In the foreground is a woman sitting at a computer, typing while smiling.

Our Employment service helps those intending to start or resume a career. The service provides support for those seeking or applying for jobs including help with CV preparation, covering letters and interview skills, as well as advising on potential opportunities for employment and career development.

The service also offers an eight-week training course, “A Clear Vision to Employment”, to help develop appropriate skills for applying for jobs and interviews. Working with John, who designed the course, the course covers CV writing, speculative and covering letters, telephone techniques, application form filling, interview skills and details further support that you can obtain through the service and through MAB.

The course allows clients to take control, determine a plan and progress in their lives.

One of our clients commented: At the start of the course I was very shy and unsociable but as I progressed through the course, I began to gain confidence and know exactly what I wanted from life. I found the course very helpful, as it outlined everything I needed to know to advance to other courses and future employment.

Another client commented: ‘Doing the Clear Vision to Employment course was a very good experience for me. It was important that I did it. It was the first time that I met people who have the same problem that I have. I had finished my previous job and needed to meet other people like me, it was a new world for me losing my Sight. John was very supportive’

If you are interested in attending our course or would just like to find out more, please email or contact our Head Office on 020 8423 5141

What does the Employment service cost me?

Our Employment service is free of charge. 

Any money we raise through our fundraising efforts is reinvested back into Middlesex Association for the Blind.

If you’d like to help support the work we do, please consider making a donation, setting up a direct debit or talk to us about leaving a legacy by visiting our donate page

An MAB client who is visually impaired is sitting at a computer typing, wearing headphones.
An MAB client who is visually impaired is sitting at a computer wearing headphones and smiling.
John Monkhouse, MAB's Employment Advisor is talking to a group of clients who are visually impaired.
John Monkhouse, MAB's Employment Advisor is standing outside a community centre with 3 other clients around him. 2 of the clients beside John Monkhouse are holding white canes